Seattle Mini Marcos Doesn't Need You to Bring a Trailer

I'll Call It Mini MarcosBring a Trailer usually brings us interesting cars from the depths of Craigslist or eBay, but today they’ve got an amazing find that’s exclusively their own- a 1967 Mini Marcos GT.
Marcos Engineering Limited was best known for the plywood and fiberglass GT- a svelte and speedy two-seat sportscar available with a choice of modest-sized Ford mills. After the GT was brought to market, Marcos focused on a smaller, Austin Mini-based car that would be competitive on both street and track. Introduced in 1965, the Malcolm Newell designed Mini Marcos ditched the Mini’s steel shell for a stressed fiberglass monocoque upon which the Austin’s front and rear subframes were mounted. The car was sold as both factory-built and kit, and was the only British car to complete Le Mans in ’66.
This arresting red ’67 Marcos is a rare factory-completed car, and comes with an extensive history. Offered up for $17,000, it’s a rare and desirable little tea cup. One of only about 1,300 built between ’65 and ’75 (a secondary run in the 90s for the Japanese market notwithstanding), it’s unlikely you’ll come across another any time soon.

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  1. RV Trader Avatar

    Looks pretty, Love take a ride & have a fun. 🙂

  2. chipmarks Avatar

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