Sausalito Cars and Coffee Meet

Martin Swig, local car collector and the man behind the California Mille rally, just put together the first Sausalito Cars and Coffee last weekend.  It will be held on the first Saturday morning of every month from now on, so mark your calendars, Bay Area denizens and visitors!  That 1925 Lancia Lambda in the lead picture is Swig’s pride and joy, and gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from his events.

No disrespect to the owners of the black Cayman and the black Carrera convertible in the background, but this Targa-topless 914 was the first car at the show that drew me like a moth to a flame.  Out of the more than three dozen cars displayed at the meet, this was definitely the winner.  Perhaps the 914 experts out there in Hooniverse-land can tell us more about this example, and whether or not it’s a 914/6 variant.

The turnout was quite impressive, considering this was the inaugural meet.  The cars represented were quite eclectic, although they leaned quite heavily on the European side.  You could count the Japanese and American cars with one hand, assuming you have six fingers.

This Elkhart green T-topped Corvette Stingray got a lot of love despite being almost drowned out in a sea large lake of Ferraris and Porsches.

Though the NSX was known for its many innovations, it was one of the last production cars in the world with pop-up headlights and a Targa-top.  Discuss.

The RS America was sold in 1993 and 1994.  It was stripped of amenities like power steering and A/C but had 17″ wheels, a sportier suspension, and an optional limited slip diff.  The car weighed 77 pounds less than the Carrera 2.  While researching this model, this amusing debate about the merits of a Tiptronic-equipped RS America clone on Bring A Trailer was uncovered.  

This pair of Ferrari 575M Maranellos definitely registers an 11 on the bad-assery scale.  Kudos to the owners for coordinating this side-by-side parking job.

These sedans arrived late and so were relegated to the periphery.  The Bentley Turbo RL is the same one seen at the Anti-Football Run.  The E34 BMW with the surfboard on top may just belong to a random dude making an ATM withdrawal.  

P.S. The coolest car at the meet was a Lamborghini LM002, the Rambo Lambo.  Unfortunately, it drove away as I arrived so I was not able to get a shot of it.  Apologies.

Sausalito C&C Facebook page.

Images source: Jim Yu

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