SAAVe this SAAB! Rare Saab 99 EMS Needs Loving Hoon

You’re looking at a rare bird – a Saab 99 “Electric Manual Special,” the Bosch Jetronic-equipped sports version of the iconic front-drive Trolhatten terror. I’m a Seattle-area native, so I can tell this car has been lovingly stored in the Northwest fashion – covered in a bed of protective pine needles and green moss. Seems to be fairly complete, with some clean-looking rear seats. Ominously, while we find out that the Momo steering wheel is included, there are more sunny days in a Seattle December than words describing the mechanical condition of the 99. Where the ad leaves off, I’ll fill you in (at least on what the mechanical condition was from the factory). The EMS was a rally-inspired sport package, with the aforementioned fuel injection. You also got a unique front air dam, alloy wheels (snowflake-esque, present on our subject car), stiffer springs, Bilsteen shocks, a quicker steering rack, and the special steering wheel. The 2 liter OHC four made 110 HP and 119 ft-lbs of torque if it’s packaged with the “Western States” Lambda O2 sensor and catalyst, which I’m assuming this one is. The storied 99 Turbo only made 30 more horsepower, for the record. What the EMS version looked like new. You might not be able to stop Saab from being sold to a consortium of Tibetan paratroopers and Ukranian girl scouts, but you can save this 99 from a slow death at the hands of mildew! Seattle Craigslist, Saab History Go HERE if the ad disappears.

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