Rubens Barrichello Officially Joins Indycar but This CJ-5 is More Interesting

You heard it here first folks, Rubens Barrichello officially joined IndyCar, or as it is properly known,  IZOD IndyCar Series. That’s great and I am sure Bradly will have more on that on Monday in Hooniverse Motorsport News!! Now check out this nicely priced CJ-5.

[Source: KV Racing and Craigslist]

This ’73 CJ-5, looks like it was repainted two or three times. It’s in Atlanta so rust is less of an issue. Seller says I6, probably the indestructible 258 or its earlier derivative, and a 3-speed. Half-doors and bikini-top included. The price? $2700! That’s what I paid for my CJ-7 in 1994! Great price if runs as good as it looks.

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