Rubber Band On The Run

IMG_7795Do you see that tire there? It may be difficult to discern in light of the awesome douchiness of the Asanti rim, but rest assured there’s some Pirelli rubber wrapped around the loud and proud wheel. Also hampering visibility is the fact that it’s a 25-series tire.

Do you prefer thin crust?
Do you prefer thin crust?

That’s right- 295/25 ZR 22 is what’s written on the P-Zero’s sidewall, not that there’s much room for it. Twenty five series are currently the lowest profile tires made available to the general public, and give you both the maximum exposure for showing off your rim bling, as well as the chance of bending that bling when hitting a Detroit-style pothole- even at walking speeds.
The Pirelli P-Zero is available in up to 345-mm cross sections and 22″ in overall diameter. As it’s formulated for summer driving, trying to maneuver on these in the snow would be akin to driving on giant pads of butter, and even wet weather performance is degraded due to a lack of space for water extraction out the tread’s edge.
But they look rad, and while it may seem impossible to make the massive brakes of a Bentley Continental GT look too small, these 22″ wheels handle that job nicely.

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  1. Alff Avatar

    Sheesh. My 45s are giving me buyer's remorse. This is absurd.

  2. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    The age of the twheel is nearly upon us.

      1. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        As an engineer, I know the twheel has so much potential to be the better solution.
        As a realistic pragmatist, I know it'll be a hard sell to make them mass-market.

        1. Paul Y. Avatar
          Paul Y.

          I'd buy tweels, but I am also a professional weirdo.

          1. Tim Odell Avatar
            Tim Odell

            Do you hold a PW certification?
            It's more a problem b/c it shakes up the current infrastructure:
            –>who will you buy them from? Tire Mfgs? Wheel Mfgs?
            –> what do you do when the tread wears out? new coating or whole new twheel?
            –>what equipment do you need to change the tread?
            –>do they need to be balanced?
            –>how much will they cost?

  3. P161911 Avatar

    So did Pirelli start a wheel repair business and this is the first step towards massive profits?

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    I need to get into the bent rim repair business, quick. What would be a good name? Get Bent(s) Repair?

  5. engineerd Avatar

    You know last week when I said people ask, "Why?" Hoons ask, "Why not?" Well, there's a caveat.

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      With a photo description I believe.

  6. CptSevere Avatar

    Leaves me cold. Reminds me of the hard rubber wheels on a warehouse forklift. What do these trendy douches have against tires? Tires are good things.