Rose City Rossi

The city of Pasadena CA is alternately referred to as the Crown City and the Rose City. This past Sunday, Pasadena’s main drag in old town was overrun with what many consider automobiledom’s crowning achievements, and most of them were rose-colored.
Ferrari’s on Colorado Boulevard have become a tradition in Pasadena and this year brought out hundreds of Maranello’s finest. From the jewel-like 1952 212 Barchetta – once a gift from Enzo to Henry Ford II – to the fire-breathing Enzo, Ferrari road cars jostled for space on the former Route 66 path.
A notable participant was this 1968 330 GTC, owned by collector extraordinaire Bill Kling. This 330 is 8th from the last produced and shares its transaxle and other components with the successor 365 Daytona, including an uprated 330-bhp V12.

Another beauty was this bronze 275GTB/4. The way the sunlight played off that color was dramatic and it really stood out amongst the sea of red.

You can check out our super-mega Ferrarigasm gallery below, but I’ll leave you with one additional big pic that I think says it all when it comes to owning a Prancing Horse:

[nggallery id=64]

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14 responses to “Rose City Rossi”

  1. engineerd Avatar

    New Ferraris are nice, but like most new cars they have become almost indistinguishable blobs. The older Ferraris — up until the '80s or so — are classic Ferrari. They are the ones that, if I were to ever fall into Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin in Ducktales, would be what I go in search of. A 250 GTO or a 365 GT4 BB or a Dino would be at the top of my list.

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      I agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly. Although a Lambo Miura tops my Italian dream garage, I always thought a Mondial was cool just for the 2+2 layout.

      1. engineerd Avatar

        Ah yes, the Miura is way up the list as well.

      2. dmilligan Avatar

        The Miura is one of the prettiest cars ever made. I'd give my left nut for one; damn thing doesn't work anymore, so a good deal for me.

    2. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

      I might not say you'd have to go all the way back to the '80s for nice looking Ferraris (I'll see your 365 GT4 and raise you a 550 Maranello), but I tend to agree with you for the most part. I would love to park a Dino in my garage, right alongside an F40, 250GTO, and a 308 GTB (my wife's fave).

  2. Tripl3fast Avatar

    I like the Red, can't stand the Yellow, any other color seems to really make the cars look great. Black, Silver, Blue , even Gold or White.
    I know it is not about the color, but the fact is it's the first impression. Screeming Yellow anything, and I will pay no mind. Red is classic but not the best color IMHO.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      With most cars I would agree with you. Many cars are too brash in yellow or red. However, consider these are Ferraris and red is synonymous with Italian cars (back in the day the driver's country was identified by the colors on his car, with red being Italy) and yellow is probably the second most prodigious Ferrari color. For those reasons, red and yellow work on these cars for me.

      1. Hopman Avatar

        How very true. Something about a Marenello machine in any other colors BUT red or yellow doesn't do it for me.

  3. Lotte Avatar

    Is that Ray in the first pic?

  4. Black Steelies Avatar

    Bah, Italian cars. Unattainable garage art.
    Though they are undoubtedly beautiful and I understand the appeal.

  5. citroen67 Avatar

    Good GOD! I think I made my *Oh* face about forty times whilst viewing that cluster of photos.

  6. longrooffan Avatar

    Forget the 275, that 330 is my new favorite Ferrari. It is the first one I've ever seen. Does anyone else see the roofline of a BMW 3.0 on in that profile shot of the 330? Maybe it's just me but the rear roof lines seem very similar.

    1. Bret Avatar

      I saw a bit of Bimmer 3.0 in the profile shot as well, albeit with a bit less Hoffmeister knik,

  7. Mechanically Inept Avatar

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I like the Spyker and Lotus Evora (unless it's a Tesla Roadster; I can't tell) in picture 31.