Rose City Rossi

The city of Pasadena CA is alternately referred to as the Crown City and the Rose City. This past Sunday, Pasadena’s main drag in old town was overrun with what many consider automobiledom’s crowning achievements, and most of them were rose-colored. Ferrari’s on Colorado Boulevard have become a tradition in Pasadena and this year brought out hundreds of Maranello’s finest. From the jewel-like 1952 212 Barchetta – once a gift from Enzo to Henry Ford II – to the fire-breathing Enzo, Ferrari road cars jostled for space on the former Route 66 path. A notable participant was this 1968 330 GTC, owned by collector extraordinaire Bill Kling. This 330 is 8th from the last produced and shares its transaxle and other components with the successor 365 Daytona, including an uprated 330-bhp V12. Another beauty was this bronze 275GTB/4. The way the sunlight played off that color was dramatic and it really stood out amongst the sea of red. You can check out our super-mega Ferrarigasm gallery below, but I’ll leave you with one additional big pic that I think says it all when it comes to owning a Prancing Horse:

[nggallery id=64]

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