Rolex24 at Daytona Week: The Parade Pic Dump

So as Bradley Brownell, who this olelongrooffan is picking up from the Daytona Beach airport in just a few minutes, related to we Hoons a few weeks ago, this year for the 50th Anniversery of the Rolex24, Joie Chitwood’s team was able to gather up most of the past winners of that esteemed race.

Last night at the Ocean Center Beachside, there was a charity fundraiser with those cars on display and this morning they paraded through the drizzly weather out to the track.

As Manuel Labor is on holiday this weekend for the 24, this olelongrooffan was able to sneak away to watch the parade. But first, I decided to see if I could get into the show before the show and man, I did. And, I actually watched the parade from a street corner, stuck in traffic behind some poor sammich delivery dude stuck at the same stoplight and cussing up a storm on his cell.

Enjoy the images I was able to gather while I put on my turban and practice my middle eastern accent while taxing around a fellow Hoon.

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