Rolex 24 At Daytona: The Spotters Guide

This weekend marks the launch of yet another racing season with the start of the 50th Daytona endurance classic event at 3:30PM on Saturday afternoon.  I will be there to liveblog the event with my own photography and words to entertain you, and you can rest assured that LRF will be giving you his own special flavor of rundown after the event is over and he has had a little time to sleep it off. Whether you are watching the event on television on the SPEED channel, on the internet at,  from Magnus Racing’s live video feed, or Turner Motorsport’s live feed, or even following a multitude of twitter feeds and blogs, these sheets will become absolutely invaluable. This year there are several new teams, and many returning teams with new cars or new liveries.  Keep up to date with who is driving what car, when, where and why by keeping these spotters guides loaded on your computer screen.  Andy Blackmore has been producing these spotters guides for as long as I have been watching endurance sportscar racing, and they are always an absolute treat.  With each new spotters guide that Andy posts at we get closer to another major endurance sports car race.  Phenomenal work, yet again, Andy.  Keep it up!  With a spotter guide this good, even ole LongRoofFan can have a modicum of an idea of whats going on on track.  (We kid because we love!)

Load high resolution versions of these spotter guides by simply clicking on them.

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