Rocket Rails

If this was what the trains were like, I'd ride the Metro-Rail a lot more often.
That’s an old photo of the Lakehurst NJ Navel base sled tracks, right around the corner from where the oh the huge manatee took place . This is one of five nearly 2-mile long tracks at the facility, and the 4 J57 jet engines on that sled are claimed to produce a combined 47,000 pounds of thrust- good for almost 290-mph. These tracks have been used to test crash dynamics and arresting equipment, but I’d just like to ride the sled back and forth a few hundred times. Imagine once that sled goes under the gavel at a Navy surplus auction, buying it and fitting it out for freeway runs. You could blow the doors off a Veyron, and then claim that yours only has four turbos as well. Image source: []

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