Road Tripping the American West in an F1 Car

It’s probably been every single child (and adult’s, come on let’s be real) dream to pilot an F1 car on public roads. They blitz around tracks at atrociously fast speeds screaming as the RPMs rise high into the double-digits and Gs soar.
Red Bull Racing put Daniel Ricciardo, in his 900 horsepower Aston Martin RB12 on a road trip across the American west. Starting in the city of love, San Francisco, he bombs through the streets before making a quick pit stop on the San Francisco-Oakland bridge for a quick tire change. 15,000 rpm later he’s west into Utah’s dry and desolate Monument Valley (an area of the country I highly recommend you explore).
By nightfall he’s already in Sin City, the RB12’s engine noise ricocheting off the towering hotel walls of the MGM Grand and Aria. The clip ends with him parking his RB12, delicately packing away its removable steering wheel into a silver carrying case, and casually walking into the Bellagio, leaving two eager Las Vegas valets clueless. And I thought the black, six-speed Ferrari F355 I got to valet in college was baller.
Ricciardo recently announced plans to leave Red Bull Racing after this year’s 2018 season and join Renault’s Formula One team. We’re glad he soaked up a bit of raw Americana before heading to France.

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One response to “Road Tripping the American West in an F1 Car”

  1. needthatcar Avatar

    I happened to be out at the Marin Headlands the day they were driving across the GG Bridge. Such an undertaking. They would stop all traffic until the bridge cleared completely, then they’d drive it across (slowly – probably at the speed limit), then they’d load it on a truck, bring it back across, and do the whole process again. I think they did at least 3 takes, if not 4, that I know of.
    Man, the sound that car makes is astounding. I added “Attend an F1 race” to my bucket list based almost solely on that exhaust note.