Right-Hand Drive Saturn is Only 97.3% as Dull as Left-Hand Drive One!

Planning a trip to the British Isles, or perhaps Japan soon? Want to freak out the neighbors, but don’t want to spend a lot doing it? Maybe you do a lot of mailbox drop offs and hate the fact that you can never seem to find a curb-side box that isn’t on the right of the car. Well, here’s the answer to your prayers, especially if any of those issues are facing you presently. This Pitbull-approved RHD Saturn may just be the car for you. Originally intended for Postal carriers (who also hate being a seat away from the curb) these wagons were also shipped over to Japan where Toyota was intended to market them. Sadly, crappy American cars are even less popular in the land of the rising sun than they are back here with their homies. Offered up on the LA Craigslist for a paltry $2,500, this 2001 SW2(?) is claimed to be not NO conversion and you would be excused if you envision the seller sitting on his front porch, playing banjo and trying to keep his freakishly large head erect. Still, Pitbulls and bad grammer aside, this seller is a jedi-freaking-master of the keyword spam, and any ricer on the prowl for a Mugen Honda will get this ad thrown in to the mix. That’s enough to discount both seller and car, but there’s something so divinely weird about driving a right-hand drive car on the road here that $2,500 may not be a bad deal. Craigslist

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