Respect to The Crown: 1969 Toyota Corona Reigns Supreme

From the Nyanyanyanyanya, Cars Don’t Rust in California Department comes this incredibly clean ’69 Corona. The 3R motor only puts out about 50 horsepower, but at least you get to put it down through a 4 speed manual. The stance has been lowered just a little via careful (or not) application of a torch to the springs. It’s clean, but it’s not perfect. There’s a bit of orange showing along the rockers and seams, but nothing that couldn’t be addressed with a little rust encapsulator for the time being. The engine runs, but needs some tuning. It’s also got a couple of hundred dollars in back registration fees to be dealt with if you’re in the Golden State. The real question on a ride as clean as this is: what to do? When they’re as rough as Master Schmo’s, you don’t really feel bad having your way with the little buggers: wheels, tires, engine mods or swaps…all fair game. When it’s a relatively low-mile, clean example, it feels a bit crude to open up the aftermarket floodgates. Then again, juicing it up a bit from that 50hp and a nice set of Watanabes probably wouldn’t hurt anyone. Bidding starts at $2 grand with a week to go.

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