Represent Your (Not-So) Huge Rimz Wherever You Go with Our New T-Shirts

I’m notorious in the _Science household for my impeccably bad timing. Routinely, I’ll offer to help with the dishes just as The Missus puts the last one away.  It’s with that same uncanny ability that we bring you two new shirts, just in time to completely miss the holiday consumer spending orgy buying season! We’ve all seen the glorious faux-diamond studded badges on Chrysler 300s or H2s quantifying the extent of the owner’s ignorance to the concept of unsprung weight. Now we offer an opportunity to make a counter-point, in T-shirt form. These badly photochopped painstakingly designed t-shirts come on “standard weight” shirts to keep the cost down. You’re welcome to pick your color. We can run that design on any peice of merchandise in the Spreadshirt catalog, so we’re open to requests. Also, some of the other merch has been re-priced (most of it’s cheaper), so now’s a great time to update your wardrobe for 2010. We’ve got some more stuff in the works, but it’ll be a little bit whilst we refresh on our Photoshop skills. In the meantime, hit the Hoonimerch Page or just go straight to our Spreadshirt Store.

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