Rename LeMons New England: And The Winner Is…

Come on down!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the new name of LeMons New England is…
With 25% of the vote, “The Boston Tow Party & Overhead Cam Bakeis our winner! Commenter Hopman wins our fabulous Hooniverse Lifestyle Collection, including all the accouterments necessary to look sharp during a weekend of Narragansett-fueled wrenching. Send us an email for more details.
Thanks to all who entered and made this a success! Second place was the morally dubious “Ted Kennedy Memorial Chappaquidick Plunge,” which as entertaining as it is, would place Hooniverse, LeMons, Jay, Jeff, your humble scribe, and anyone else involved in imminent mortal danger. The Kennedys have spies everywhere. They know how to make people disappear.

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