Reminder- Top Gear Returns This Sunday!

It’s been a few months, but the wait is almost over- Top Gear begins anew this Sunday night. For those of you with access to BBC Two, you should note that it starts at a non-traditional 9PM GMT time slot this time. What will be traditional is that there’s sure to be lots of Hammond height jokes, May sexuality and alacrity bemusing, and Clarkson comparison of a car’s handling to sliding down a naked Keira Knightley while she’s covered in 5W-30.
Actually, the lineup for Sunday includes a search for vampires on Eastern European back roads- while driving some natty drop-tops to help keep their tasty necks in view, James May driving a limo in Hollywood, where hilarity ensues, and actor Eric Bana driving. . .  a Chevrolet.

Wheres the bloody road?
Where's the bloody road?

For  those of you who can’t get “The Two” no matter which way you twist those rabbit ears, there are other ways to watch the show. You’ll just have to figure out (bittorrent) what those those are.
We’ll have a show re-cap early next week, but until then get your Guinness a-warming, and open a bag of crisps, in preparation for Sunday night.
Images source: [BBC]

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    Yay! I wish I could set up my bittorent software to automatically download new episodes like my Tivo does. Oh well, I usually find other interesting stuff to download when I'm searching out my Top Gear and V8 Supercars fix.

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      They say you can but my geek has not matured enough to figure out how.

    2. HenriPro Avatar

      Use this guide… you use Azureus( now Vuse or something like that) most torrent clients have rss now days although it might be slightly different. Finalgear is great for all things Top Gear related.