Reader Submissions – Datsun 280Z

“There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’”, goes the proverb. One could say there’s no ‘Z’ either, but thanks to reader and oftentimes commenter Devin, we now have one.

It’s a team game writing for this site, and the occasional excellent reader submissions make the variety just a bit better. Especially when the content isn’t only found but personally shot, as in this case; Devin went out of his way to enquire about this well-preserved white 280Z and the effort bore fruit. Make the jump for more photos.

Let the man speak for himself.

“It’s a 1977 1975-76 Datsun 280Z owned by a super nice guy named Dylan. He was out shopping for groceries with his girlfriend, and parked his car in the Superstore parking lot, because that’s what one does when shopping for groceries. I saw it and had to get closer, but I couldn’t really take any pictures because it was surrounded by pickups and the 280Z is a deceptively small car. I left a message asking if I could take some pictures of it, and Dylan, justifiably proud of his ride, actually got back to me and even took me for a drive in it.”

“This car is sweet and rad, and has a lot more punch than you’d expect from a car of this vintage. It’s all original, and in demonstrating that the horses have not escaped from the engine, he proved that his 280 still had enough punch to startle the neighbours. He’s the third owner, and just got the car a couple of weeks ago, and decided to take the first non-rainy day to take it for a drive (and, you know, get food). Since you really don’t see a Z car from this era anymore – especially where I live – I figured it’d be of some interest.”

Damn right it is, and the owner’s cool attitude definitely merits a hat-tip. Especially when Devin got a go-ahead for the car being posted online and not a grumble was heard about any plates. Sounds like Canada’s a civilized country, hur hur.

[Photos: Devin]

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