Reader Submission: Rochester's Farmall snowplows


It’s end of March and the northeast is scheduled to be pounded with yet another, hopefully last, snow storm. This winter will simply not go away.  One of faithful our readers and tipsters, Reid Cunningham, went out a few days ago to battle his cabin fever and came upon Rochester’s fleet of tractor snow plow. Reid writes:

Dear Hooniverse,

Here are pictures of a row of mid 50’s Farmall H’s (my best guess) with narrow fronts that are still used to plow the sidewalks in Rochester NY. It is not often you see 60 year old equipment in regular use, let alone a small fleet of them in original condition. They are kept in a lot off University Avenue in the city (along with a very odd truck that looks like a train). I took these pictures and you are free to use them as you like.

It has been a long winter, we have had snow the last 3 days, but I thought people might enjoy the site of nice old iron. I have a similar vintage Farmall Cub and so I am happy whenever I see a Big Red in operation. The canvas covers on the hoods, side and in front of the drivers are really interesting, I haven’t seen anything like them before.

Kind regards,

Reid Cunningham

Your author does not know anything about this kinds of equipment, so if you know the details on this, please comment. Wikipedia link to Farmall. Many more pictures after the jump. Thanks, Reid!!







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