Project Car SOTU: '95 Acura Integra GS-R

Ah, yes, my beloved 1995 Acura Integra GS-R. A good friend of mine was nice enough to store it for me over the cold winter months. Now, two and a half years later, I got it out of there as he had to sell the place. As you may expect, exactly nothing happened to the Integra in the time. Well, not totally nothing. The battery died and the tires went flat. 
Since it was parked for so long without being used I decided to trailer it out that garage and into another friend’s place. Good thing I have a lot of good friends with large garages. But as it turned out the whole effort of trailering it wasn’t really necessary. 

The littly Teggy started right up with a jump and ran smoothly. I added some air into the tired, and whamo, it drove perfectly. Even the brakes, one of the few stock parts on the car, worked great. I took it for a spin and it felt as solid as the day I put it away. I sort of expected that but I didn’t want to believe it.
So the question is, what am I doing with it now?

  • It needs a battery.
  • It needs camber kit in the back. 
  • It needs a good cleaning. 
  • It needs tires. 
  • It needs an inspection. 
  • I need to ditch that front license plate. 
  • It needs to be driven.

I still have no proper place to keep it. I still have nowhere to drive it. I still love it. But perhaps times has come to sell it?
I don’t know. It was going to be my forever car… but is anything really forever?

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3 responses to “Project Car SOTU: '95 Acura Integra GS-R”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Yes can relate although my ute is definitely not in start right up territory. And forever is looking dicey. Hopefully things will change soon and I will be able to bring it home (to a new home) and do something with it.

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    “Good thing I have a lot of good friends with large garages.”
    The general consensus is that it’s a good thing I do not.

    1. crank_case Avatar

      I have a lot of space for cars, but only small ones as I can’t get much round the side of the house. So Cappuccino and other kei vehicle dreams, no problem. 70s US Car, not really..
      Just as well really, I probably like the idea of a yank tank more than the reality.