Productivity Killer: Build Your Own 2013 Porsche Boxster

First off, like some of the videos posted last week, please treat this as a Hooniverse Gold Extra Freebee and not as a part of our regular stuff. If you had the Hooniverse Gold membership, you’d get this kind of awesomeness all the time. Second, we love online car configurators (that’s all Glucker really does), it’s really the reason why the internet exists, and this is one of the best ones.

Porsche recently introduced, or will soon introduce, the all-new-ish 2013 Boxster and Boxster S. This will be followed by four special edition Boxsters, and one super-special Black Edition 38th Anniversary Spyxster GTS RS. It was said that Boxsters are not real Porsches, and that they’re the hair-dresser’s cars, etc. The truth is that a quick drive in a Boxster will reveal that it is a fantastic sports car, truely worthy of of the Porsche name.

Anyway, you can now configure your own 2013 Boxster and Boxster S on Porsche’s website. This configurator, like the all-new-ish 991’s (try the 991 too!), is “3D” and allows you see all your options on screen (leather-covered air vents FTW), spin your views around, raise and lower the top, change view settings, and a host of other stuff. It’s a fun game and will make your work day go by quicker. Choose your colors wisely (brown!).

[Source: Porsche USA]

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