Pretty Bird! 1964 Falcon Wagon

Commenter Muthalovin tipped us to this stylish ’65 Falcon wagon for sale out in Pflugerville, Texas. It sports a 170c.i. straight six and a Ford-O-Matic slushbox, which should be fine for around-town cruising and car show duty, but you’d best avoid any speed competitions (or uphill onramps). Oddly enough, the world of classic wagon lovers is small enough that I immediately remembered it from my flickr favorites. Instead of the downsized Craigslist pictures, we’re  running some from the seller’s photostream. The $11k asking price seems high, but if it’s as clean inside and under the hood as it is on the outside, it might not be too far off the mark. Besides, a powertrain swap on one of these is pretty straightforward, but paint, body and interior work get expensive and painful quickly. Your call.

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