Practical Performance Car Features 27L V12 Tank Engine Powered Rover, We Suggest New Title

Rover SD1 with 27L V12 Merlin Tank Engine Rover SD1 with 27L V12 Merlin Tank Engine One of these days we’ll do a tank-engined car showdown, and this Rover SD1 will be among the contenders. We could go on for a while, but PPC’s intro sums it up nicely:

One day back in the 1990s a middle-aged man from a sleepy village in Lincolnshire decided that he’d start a new project saloon car. Over a decade and two marriages later PPC’s own Charlie Broomfield had a road legal matt black Rover SD1 powered by a 27-litre V12 Merlin tank engine.

It seems his goal is to take it up to 200mph. So there ya go. You need to head over to PPC, because they’re basically a UK version of Hooniverse. Seriously, check out their project cars page. Rover SD1 27L V12 at Practical Performance Car via Save The Enzos

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