Podcast: Episode 90 – An Al You Minium Adventure


Chris Hayes and Blake Z Rong decide to take the podcast on the road for Episode 90. The two are stuck together in the cab of a 2015 Ford F-150, and are on the road to go pickup a new engine for Blakes Miata. This will be the third engine… by the way.

Here’s the full description from Producer Chris:

This week Blake and I decided to record an episode inside the 2015 Ford F150 Ecoboost whilst venturing to the wilds of deep Corona California to pick up his freshly built Miata engine. This week we cover the Ford GT, Buick’s lack of direction, chassis stiffening, mid-engine Corvettes, the Mercedes SLS + AMG GT all under the veil of imminent road rage.

Please excuse some tapping noise at the very end of the episode as our microphone mount became loose.

Hooniverse – 2015 F150 now with optional podcas studio.

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2 responses to “Podcast: Episode 90 – An Al You Minium Adventure”

  1. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

    Wow, engine number 3? Sounds like it's been very well built this time. Hard to beat a former Cosworth guy for engine building. I hope it all goes well for him.

  2. Jonathan Avatar

    That was a great podcast…….do them more often…

    Don't tap on the mic but it was good…

    Chris what year vette do you have…and Blake best of luck with the new miata motor….miata a are the coolest rides…the most smiles per miles…I had a 1992 …a really great vehicle to enjoy….

    Next segment should be you guys throwing the motor in and driving back….. I thought this weeks podcast added a nice touch..

    Good sound quality to hear you guys and you could multi task and get other stuff done like the rest of us old bastards…