Podcast: Episode 88 – Assistant to the Regional Curator


Blake and I are back in the old-school Podcast Palace of Love in this episode, and there’s a lot to talk about. The 2015 Detroit Auto Show just took place and the reveals were pretty awesome. Ford killed it, Buick surprised everyone with a lovely concept, and a handful of other automakers showed some great products.

Beyond the new car news, Blake has a bit of news of his own. He’s got a new gig, and it’s pretty damn perfect for him. Listen up!

Hooniverse – Assistant TO the Regional Curator

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5 responses to “Podcast: Episode 88 – Assistant to the Regional Curator”

  1. admin Avatar

    While I was listening, I started googling "Buick Avenir." From some angles, the photos look awesome. Does it look this good in person?

    <img src="http://www.buick.com/content/dam/Buick/north_america/usa/nscwebsite/en/home/models/view_all_vehicles/2016_vehicles/01_images/2016-buick-concept-avenir-landing-page-image-02-938×528-16BUCB00004_V4.jpg&quot; width="560">

    1. admin Avatar

      Per those who attended the show … fuck.yes.it.does.

  2. Mister Serling Avatar
    Mister Serling

    Pity your guest's microphone was not working, He sounds like he's by the beer fridge. Thankfully, this is what graphic equalizers and headphone preamps are for.

  3. Froggmann_ Avatar

    To tell you the truth I couldn't listen to this one. With (Chris?) being halfway across the room from his mic and supplying half of the conversation, it sounded like listening in on one side of a phone call.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      I listened while commuting on a bus. Obviously the person next to me provided the second half of the conversion…