Podcast: Episode 86 – Make It To A Million w/ guest Matt Farah


Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah (The Smoking Tire) comes on to tell us all about his latest acquisition; that 900,000-mile Lexus LS400. Also, Richard Radcliffe is back on and he just bought Jeff’s Civic!

We talk about some of the recent cars we’ve driven while also learning a bit about Lemon Law vehicles.

It’s a holiday edition of The Hooniverse Podcast, so ignore your family and listen in!

Hooniverse – Make It To A Million [w/ guest Matt Farah]

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 86 – Make It To A Million w/ guest Matt Farah”

  1. Mister Sterling Avatar
    Mister Sterling

    This was quite an educational episode. Thanks, guys!