Podcast: Episode 85 – From McQueen to Matchmaking w/ guest Spike Feresten


Our guest this week is renowned comedy writer, car lover, and Fox talk-show all-star Spike Feresten. You may know him from his work providing the funny to shows like Saturday Night Live, Late Night and The Late Show with David Letterman, and Seinfeld, as well as many other programs.

Now Spike is using his love of cars to help folks find the perfect automotive match. His show is called Car Matchmaker, and it runs on Esquire. Feresten shows folks a variety of cars that he thinks would be the ideal fit for them, and this can range from a new Mercedes-Benz GLK to a Buick Grand National.

On the latest episode of Car Matchmaker, Spike’s brother turns to him for help. Feresten gets a helping hand from Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, Will Forte, and Seth Meyers in the first hour-long episode of Car Matchmaker. It’s a show that perfectly bridges the automotive gap between enthusiasts and normal folk who don’t obsess over all-things automotive.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… actually, if you cry you probably have some other issue, because you should just laugh. Hop the jump to listen in and make fun times with your ear holes.

Hooniverse – From McQueen to Matchmaking w/ guest Spike Feresten

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3 responses to “Podcast: Episode 85 – From McQueen to Matchmaking w/ guest Spike Feresten”

  1. Jonathan Avatar

    Cool…I've been looking forward to the latest episode. Thanks

  2. Hamilton Avatar

    "it's British racing green" I don't always laugh really hard during podcast… But when I do, it's likely at a dick joke.

    Capital podcast, as per uge. Keep it up!

  3. Mister Sterling Avatar
    Mister Sterling

    City of Champions! Plymouth County! Represent!!