Podcast: Episode 79 – A regular podcast


I’m once again joined by my podcast partner in audio crime. Blake Z Rong has returned from doing famous automotive journalist activities so we have lots to chat about. Additionally, we fall back into the old format of starting with a bit of new car news before digressing into, well, basic insanity.

Hop the break and let your ears explore the space…

Hooniverse – A Regular Podcast

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 79 – A regular podcast”

  1. peter1dav Avatar

    I have been listening to your podcasts for a few months now. It was hit and miss before, but your last #79 an #78 are actually good podcasts! Structure is present now, interesting topics and you almost did not tread water. You are on par with Autoblog podcast now imho. And thanks for bringing Zach Bowman!
    Keep up good work – and one day we might hear "Brought to you by Kia motors" as an opening line.
    I am interested in:
    – mass market cars
    – engines and other bits and pieces
    – people working in car business