Podcast: Episode 30 – We’re Adults Now!


Dirty thirty… we made it.

I finally got a break in my travel schedule to sit down in the podcast palace of love with co-host Blake Z. Rong, and we got down to the business of making sweet sweet, um, audio. We had a lot to talk about so we ditched the idea of a guest for this week and just rapped. Well, not actual rapping in the Jay-Z sense. That would not turn out well.

Instead, we spoke of some new car news but then we dove into the golden oldies. I recently had a chance to drive a vehicle that changed my perspective on life itself. Click past the break to listen, and to see a picture of the car as well. Additionally, I’ve included the last two episodes before this one down there since I’ve been slacking on keeping you updated on our podcast adventures.

That’s right… this post is a podcast three-fer.


Hooniverse – We’re Adults Now

Here are episodes 29 and 28:

Hooniverse – Aye, the hot pants.

Hooniverse – Kochtoberfest.

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