Podcast: Episode 257 – Come to town… [Solo Episode]

Chris is on the East Coast so I’m sitting solo on this one. That means I’m down in my garage, sitting in the front seat of my Benz, with a glass of wine in my hand… and a podcast microphone in the other. Topics this week include a dash of news;

  • Goodwood highlights
  • Aston Martin DBX to get its own platform
  • Toyota will offer a four-cylinder engine for the Supra… someday

After that it’s on to the questions, and you have some good ones this week. Really, you have good ones every week. Finally, we dive into a bit of my own car stuff. I just spent a week with the Lexus GX460 and you can find a review of that truck on Truck Central right now. Later, Josh Ostrander and I are heading south of the border to drive buggys with Wide Open Baja. Additionally, my 1974 W114 Benz is fixed up and back home.

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 257 – Come to town… [Solo Episode]”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    Since the rocket-powered Lincoln came up, this has been in my YouTube queue for an extended period.