Podcast: Episode 243 – All the Duallys! [w/guest Elana Scherr]

Elana Scherr, formally of Hot Rod and Roadkill, joins us in the podcast studio to talk all things car. She has a hell of a growing fleet on her hands, and we have to dive in and see what is going on with a handful of those rides. Most notable might be her 1970 Dodge Challenger, which has seen its 440 engine swapped out for a race-prepped 505.

After taking a deep dive into the world of too-many duallys and Mopar madness in different states of repair, it’s time for your questions.

Hooniverse – All the Duallys! [w/guest Elana Scherr]

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2 responses to “Podcast: Episode 243 – All the Duallys! [w/guest Elana Scherr]”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    “Formally” or “formerly”? Elana’s writing in Hot Rod always had a unique tone to it that I would pick up after reading a few paragraphs knowing she wrote it even before reading the byline. I guess I’ll have to listen…

    1. nanoop Avatar

      From her episode of the Car Stories podcast I understood that she can’t be a 100% staff writer and pursue things such as Roadkill and beyond, so “formerly”. She’s freelancing, and HRMag still seems to take her work products.