Podcast: Episode 213 – HooniverseCon?

Chris and I are talking about some bits of news this week. Infiniti has made one of the best concept cars ever. FCA might become a Chinese company. Singer is working on a monster of an engine. After that, we dive into your questions.

Seriously though, how awesome is that Infiniti concept racer? And that Singer engine? This is a good week for news.

Hooniverse – HooniverseCon?

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2 responses to “Podcast: Episode 213 – HooniverseCon?”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    I believe Chinese maker Qoros may use Freevalve in a production engine – not definite yet.

  2. crank_case Avatar

    ..as for the Boxster on snow question, didn’t drive a Boxster, but have driven an MR2 Spyder in the snow…on regular (non winter) sports tyres.

    It was awesome, and there’s few things more giggle inducing than overtaking a gingerly driven subaru with your roof down and a gentle drift. Broke my gearbox doing donuts in the snow though. Gave me an excuse to put in a mechanical diff (it was a JDM used import which had an open diff and still got traction in the snow).