Podcast: Episode 120 – Bark at the Moon


We’re joined in the podcast studio by guest Mark Baruth. He’s an editor at TheTruthAboutCars, and he’s also the proud owner of a Ford Flex, Ford Mustang Boss 302, and Ford Fiesta ST… he likes the Blue Oval Brand.

He’s also in possession of opinion on things, and that’s something that works really well on a podcast. So listen in as we chat about everything from the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that’s on the horizon to my now much cooler truck.

Hooniverse – Bark at the Moon

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 120 – Bark at the Moon”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    There’s something kind of funny about listening to discussions of old F-150s and wrenching on 351’s while driving a Chevy Volt, like I did today.

    Also, I reject the idea that an auto journalist has to buy new cars to give their opinions credence – in fact, using the Fiesta ST’s scribe popularity is a great example why. Yes, it’s a wonderful little car, and yes, I wish I had one, and yes, it’s good evidence that so many put their money behind it. But it’s also a little out of touch with the average person’s motoring needs – it’s tiny inside, it’s only available with a manual, and if you get the Recaros, a huge portion of the population basically just can’t drive it. Just because you’re willing to back up a slightly irrelevant opinion with thousands of dollars doesn’t really prove you can help someone pick the best Camcordima or compact crossover for their needs.