Plenty of Room to Haul Spare Apex Seals: '75 Mazda RX3 Wagon

Mazda RX3 Wagon for saleMazda RX3 Wagon for sale

Some day in the not-too-distant future, early-to-mid ’70s rear wheel drive Japanese cars may well be worth more than their domestic contemporaries. This may come about as the slightly younger Japanese nostalgia crowd reaches the prime purchasing power years (otherwise known as mid-life) and Baby Boomers move on to retirement homes. The low sales numbers combined with low regard and low rust resistance keep the total number of cars like this RX3 wagon down in the “What the Hell is that?” level of commonness. Today’s example looks incredibly clean on the outside and incredibly not photographed on the inside. It sports a 12A rotary motor with “modified Nikki carb”. These things make a little over 100hp in stock form, but with a roughly one ton curb weight, they’re hardly slow. Given that this is a pre-smog model (and I’m writing in California), it’s good to know any number of forced induction solutions are at your disposal.

Mazda RX3 Wagon for saleMazda RX3 Wagon for sale

It’ll run between $3,000 and $3,500, depending on which wheels and bumpers you’d like to purchase it with. On the off chance you’ve got a running Sea Doo you’d like to part with, that could be worked into the deal (really? a Sea Doo?). Los Angeles Craigslist

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