Please Put This $275 ’62 Mercury Meteor on Your List

Now you know how dog lovers feel at shelters.

When someone mentions Mercury today, odds are the first thought that springs to mind is either “They still make those?” or “I would walk from one end of Russia to the other wearing nothing but tighty whities full of industrial-strength itching powder while listening to an endless loop of Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ if that’s what it took to get lucky a date with Jill Wagner.” Ahem

Of course, Ford’s mid-range brand didn’t always have a secure place in every man, woman and child’s automotive nameplate death pool. Proof? This 1962 Meteor 4-door sedan, offered for the low, low LeMons-friendly price of $275. That’s cheaper than a PS3, folks! For ’62, the Meteor was Mercury’s Ford Fairlane-based intermediate model, slotted above the compact Comet but below the full-size Monterey. This particular car has the tiny 221 ci. Windsor V8 – which was good for 145hp – mated to an automatic. The seller says “the engine starts, but has a knock.” He also says the transmission is good and the body is solid, despite some surface rust. If he doesn’t sell it by the end of this week, he’s going to start parting it out, which he really doesn’t want to do, and by golly, he shouldn’t have to! So what are you waiting for? Get yer ass to scenic Ukiah, California yesterday!
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12 responses to “Please Put This $275 ’62 Mercury Meteor on Your List”

  1. AteUpWithMotor Avatar

    These are actually rather rare. The Meteor was Mercury's version of the intermediate Fairlane (new for '62). The Fairlane sold pretty well, but the Mercury clone was a total flop, and vanished after two years. The reason? Mercury's Comet (a stretched version of the Falcon) was nearly as big, but less expensive, so people just bought that instead. I don't recall total production for '62, but it was well under 100K.

  2. Han_Solex Avatar

    Seriously, someone needs to save this car. Keep the block, but slap on some 260 or 302 heads and a hot cam. It'll never be a drag racer but originality plus some added performance would make this a real sweetheart.

  3. dculberson Avatar

    If I wasn't 2,531 miles from this car it would be severely tempting.

  4. engineerd Avatar

    It has four doors. Therefore, it's "practical". I doubt Mrs. engineerd would agree, but screw it. For less than $300 and no car payment, she'll come around.
    Ukiah, CA? Crap. That's way too far away.

  5. Han_Solex Avatar

    You rent the Hino flatbed and pay for 2 weeks worth of In-n-Out, and I'll deliver.

  6. CptSevere Avatar

    I hope it sells to someone who'll do nice things to it. Too nice a car to be parted out or junked. I don't even want to see it LeMons'ed. Hell, I'd use it as a daily driver. Nice Price.

  7. Deartháir Avatar

    Mmmmm. Jill Wagner.

    1. Tomsk Avatar

      Truer words never spoken.
      <img src="; width="550" height="400" />

      1. darryl Avatar

        hello darryl here i am enerested in parts call me @ (904)536-0186

  8. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    Some body get Diddles and his towtruck, we need this one!

  9. SVT2888 Avatar

    *looks at bank account*
    Dang! Still too broke to afford it! :-/

  10. Ronnie Maestas Avatar
    Ronnie Maestas

    I would like to buy this car I am located in Las Vegas and I will Travel to pick it up. please contact me @ 562-745-1146 or 562-477-6230 my name is Ronnie am quite serious about this.