Please Please Please Let it Stay Under $500

1967 Ford Mustang for sale Typically cars make their way to LeMons in one of a few ways: luxury maintenance costs/depreciation, cheap econoboxes that were cheap to start with, horrible rust/flood damage, or just being a total turd to begin with. Massive collision damage typically renders them undrivable. Not so in this case. The 302c.i. powered ’67 Mustang runs and drives, despite being nearly turned inside out. 1967 Ford Mustang for saleBeing a Mustang, there’s likely a ton of slightly crooked parts that people will pay decent money for. You can apply those saved pennies towards a little time on a frame rack to get all the wheels pointed in roughly the same direction. Fabricating a cage on a unibody car with massive structural damage might be a little tricky, but if you’re smart, you’ll build in a bunch of clever chassis reinforcements in the process. Obviously, you’ll need to add some kind of windshield (you know, for safety). 1967 Ford Mustang for sale Team Inside-Out Boy might not be a bad starting point…what’ve you got? It’s just under $200 with the reserve unmet and an auction ending Monday on eBay Motors

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