Pictures of Cars with engineerd™: Sno*Drift Redux

IMG_3463 Last week I shared with you my experience at Sno*Drift and had a few pictures uploaded. I also promised to upload the rest of my pictures. Well, I’m a man of my word and my favorite 126 photos from Sno*Drift 2012 are now available for your viewing pleasure. Hit the jump for more! IMG_3487 Some of you may be wonder what this rally stuff is. Quite simply, it’s a race that takes place on real roads where the drivers and codrivers are racing against the clock. The car that has the shortest time on the stages wins!

Each stage is a section of road predetermined by the rally organizers. The road is closed to the public, though rally fans will sometimes get a little too close and suffer the wrath of the Marshals. The day before the rally starts, the drivers and co-drivers will go out for the “recce” where the codriver will note the road conditions, and verify the distance to corners and corner details given in the route book supplied by the rally organizers. This information will be called out by the codriver to the driver when on stage. The driver’s job is to listen to the codriver and go as fast as he can. Whoever finishes the miles of racing (24 stages in this year’s Sno*Drift) over two days with the shortest time wins!

There are various classes based on the modification level of the car — everything from nearly bone stock to all out prepared. No matter the class, the cars and teams take a beating. Icy conditions at this year’s rally meant cars were routinely running without bumper covers or with field-expedient repairs to differentials. The next stop on the Rally America schedule is Rally in the 100 Acre Wood in Missouri later this month. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend taking a couple days, finding some cheap lodging, and watching as competitors push cars in situations the cars were never intended to be in.

In case the slideshow isn’t working, you can go here to see the photos. Enjoy!

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