Pest Shots – The Greenest, Flashiest Trabant in Hungary

A friend of Hooniverse, the guy known as Frankiess, packed his bags as lightly as he could and took the next flight to Hungary. He’s wandering around both Buda and Pest, camera phone ready to be drawn, and amongst the numerous Trabants that putter around the Hungarian capital, he found this green gem.
Modified with only the best taste, the Trabant really stands out. I asked for a few more detail shots, all reproduced here for your enjoyment.

16 - U43kN5W
It’s minty fresh down to the wiper arms, and there’s even a modified grille and a power bulge up front, along with angrified headlights.
02 - L6sB9f0
03 - sZcKmjz
04 - AVxXQvt
Bovine seat covers look definitely funky.
14 - M6Bbn8e
The controls have been updated to 1998-1999 levels of cool, with pedal covers and a silver-sprayed sports steering wheel standing out.
08 - JnjqUCA
07 - lafUowd
“Trabant Feeling – Chance to Fear”. I would expect nothing less. The rear window slats are a nice touch.
10 - RAT3jEc
And it’s de Luxe spec, of course.
It does seem the Duroplastic fantastic fenders have been bulged a little, for that extra chunkiness.
01 - WVRto0K
And the entire experience is finished off with blue wheels with Irmscher logos. 4 x 160mm bolt pattern wheels probably aren’t all too easy to come by these days, as I can only find a Renault Trafic as a matching car. You know, the one that underpinned the Winnebago Lesharo of all things.
[Images: Frankiess]

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  1. craigsu Avatar

    With 3.7 million of these produced with few changes over the years I imagine there are quite a few body kits and accessories available. Too bad he didn't get to talk with the owner to find out if there were any engine mods to the 600cc 2-cylinder 2-stroke that was used from 1957-89. Some modifications, however, were more extreme than others…
    <img src="; width="600">

  2. JayP2112 Avatar

    That rear wing is tacky.

  3. stigshift Avatar

    That is relatively equivalent to being the World's Tallest Dwarf…

  4. Rover_1 Avatar

    Green cars are very fashionable now-a-days.
    Look how many Priii are around.

  5. fede6882 Avatar

    looks like an angry bird's character with the angrified headlights

  6. Sjalabais Avatar

    When Trabants could be bought for a sixpack, that's what many of them were heading to…

  7. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    I'd like to drive a Trabbie once in my life.

  8. guest Avatar

    That looks like all kinds of goofy fun.