Perhaps We Could Interest You in a Plywood Racecar?

So it looks a little like a Shelby Daytona Coupe that was shrunk in the wash, and its chassis is made out of plywood. Instead of being a miserable, abject failure consigned to the dustbin of history, the Marcos GT Fastback is a legitimately successful racecar, and this particular GT is one of only 7 works cars built and is claimed to be all original. Lest you think the Marcos succeeded despite the cellulose-intensive structure, the idea was cribbed from the DeHaviland Mosquito and proved to be sort of a contemporary carbon fiber-esque substance, making the lightest Marcos GTs tip the scales at just over 1,000 lbs.! (Note the clever license plate attached to the nose of the car above.) Powered by a Ford 1100cc unit (instead of the more iconic and less probably 1800cc Volvo engine), backed up by a Hewland 5-speed with an LSD, we have no doubt that it would be competitive in its respective historic racing class. Plus at least from the front, it looks pretty awesome (which is becoming sort of a trend … remember the Ecurie Ecosse Tojeiro-Buick, with the Jessica Alba front and the Rosanne Bar rear?). Listed on for about $80,000 (65,000 euros), it seems like a relative deal for a rare (1 of 7 extant, only 2 running) works car with a lot of character. Would you get freaky with the wooden wonder, or beg off for fear of splinters?

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