Park It Behind An Iron Curtain: Joe Stalin's ZIS 110

In Soviet Russia, Stalin drive YOU!
Not Joe Stalin’s Cadillac … Joe Stalin’s ZIS 110.
400 serfs were crushed to make this rug.
Not only that, it comes to the market after a sympathetic restoration (translation – dissenting sheetmetal was banished to Siberia) by Makela Auto Tuning. MAT has apparently harnessed a form of necromancy to resurrect beat-to-hell rally cars from a crush-worthy state to make them good as new. The ZIS came to MAT in pretty good shape, however, but nonetheless a new top and new translucent hood emblems had to be fabricated. They also left an age-appropriate patina, and the finished product looks good enough to rule a country from. Except that according to our favorite lovably hairy minx, Murilee Martin, Joe strongly preferred his ’38 Cadillac when foreign dignitaries weren’t looking on. Now that the restoration is complete, MAT is selling the ZIS … offers are welcomed, but dissent is heavily punished.

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