PaperCars – Should Hold You Until Quitting Time

Please welcome one of few new contributors, Scott Ith. Scott comes to us from his own website, NeedThatCar which has a ton of hoontastic stuff on it. Please make Scott feel welcome and awkward at the same time. -KK

Do you have a few hours of work left?  Do you need to look busy without making much noise?  Do you have a printer in your office?  Great!  Here’s a website that will help you accomplish all of your Friday afternoon goals. Click through to get your origami on.


Printable objects have been in the internet news lately. Now you can print your own. has several printable classic origami cars on which you can spend your afternoon. The Mini Cooper in the photo below was my attempt at building one of them. I am quite certain that folks more talented than myself (read: you) could make it look far better with minimal effort.


There are several options, and if you have a color printer, several colors. Would you believe that I have a color printer, but just happen to really like gray cars? Also, for a fee, you can even have them print your company logo on them and pretend you are using them for marketing.

 Now get to work, but don’t let it get in the way of your TPS reports. 

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