Pandamonium – the ultimate Fiat Panda

The M-Sport built Fiat Panda

The boffins at M-Sport in the UK, the team behind Ford entry in the World Rally Championship, have created the Ultimate Fiat Panda.

They took a stock Fiat Panda 4×4 shell and matted it with a Ford Fiesta R5 which involved widening the body shell by 360mm so that it could fit the R5 running gear. So as not to lose the famous Panda body shape look, the team added wider wheel arches so as to mate the R5 platform.

The Panda is currently set up for Tarmac spec

Under the bonnet of the Panda is a 1.6 litre Ford Eco-Boost engine, which kicks out 300 bhp and 450nm of torque, shifting is handled by a Sadev 5 speed Sequential.

The Heart of the beast

Inside, as you would expect, the interior features FIA spec roll cage, driver and co-driver six-point harnesses. In the back there is no rear seat, that’s been taken up by a spare wheel, usual set up for a rally car. One nice touch , is that the dash is inspired by the same one from early Panda’s

Simple dash set up

No word as yet if we will see this thing on any dirt/tarmac rallys in the future, but hopefully it might do some cool appearances.

That famous Panda name embossed on the rear hatch
How good do those wheel arches look

Check out the video below of the Panda in action.. Also tell us in the comments below, if you could mate any two cars together what would be your choice.

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3 responses to “Pandamonium – the ultimate Fiat Panda”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Kind of surprising that the ultimate Panda is…a Ford. No Abarth parts lying around, I guess? It looks extremely cool though, restrained for what it is, and the square base theme works well with the simple wheel arches.

    My mother’s first car after reunification was a white Panda with a fabric roof. It rusted like nothing else on the road, but back then, people just changed floors, welded doors and sills, and it was good to go again. As floppy as ever.

    What I would do though? Still dreaming of one thing only, but a proper Tesla motor and battery pack in an otherwise unmodified 2003 Equus JL would be the perfect daily for me here.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Having seen the Urchfab videos of a Ford Popular on a Mazda MX5 floorpan, I’d be interested to see what else it might fit under

  3. crank_case Avatar

    This is just Panda-er-ing to your target audience.

    ..but yeah, I like it.