Outsiders Perspective: 2015 Geneva International Motor Show (Part Two)

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You thought you had seen all from the Geneva Motor Show? You shouldn’t have if you saw the previous article had Part 1 written on it. We still have lots of things to go through. And what better way to start it than with the future as presented by the swedish.
The Koenigsegg Regera. A 1500 HP hypercar paired to an electric motor that can propel it 21 miles all by itself. If this sounds exciting to you as the perfect thing for your morning commute send at least $1.9 million to koenigsegg quickly, they’ll only make 80 of them. If this, the Oculus Rift and the selfie stick aren’t evidence that we’re now living in the future I honestly don’t know what it’ll take to convince you. Hoverboards? They’re in the pipeline.

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If you don’t think much about all that electricity powering cars nonsense however you still have an option. The Regera is sharing the floor with this, the Agera RS. You’ll have to make do with a plebian 1,160 HP though. What will you do when someone in a Bugatti Veyron SS pulls up next to you?
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The Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant is proof that VW is on a never-ending mission to ensure that no matter what your needs are (Unless your needs include ‘Must be a pickup truck’ or ‘must be able to tow a large boat’. You might need to look elsewhere for those.) It’s a Golf Wagon, which means that you have 21 cubic feet of space in the back and it’s the sporty diesel equivalent of the GTI, which means 184 HP and 60 in less than eight seconds. Not good enough for you? Not to worry, there’s a Golf R Variant on sale too.
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Yes. That’s all I have to say about the Kia Sportspace concept. I’m sure a lot of wagon fans said exactly the same when they heard that the Optima wagon will actually be sent to production as a stylish, turbodiesel, all-wheel-drive wagon. If they offer it in brown I’m guessing a lot of keyboards will suffer the consequences. Watch it either not make it to the United States or sell in pitifully low numbers as everyone that was so excited about them nitpicks them into oblivion, realizes they wouldn’t be able to afford it in the first place or perpetuate the gearhead depreciation paradox and will only buy one used.
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Speaking of things we lust about on the Internet. The Last of the Defenders made its special appearance here. The Defender 90 Heritage celebrates the origins of the Defender much in the same way the 50th anniversary Mustang did. It’s inspired by HUE 166, the first Land Rover series one, and features the same paint color and body colored rims. Unlike that completely utilitarian Landie however, you get a couple more things on this one. A roof, cupholders, electric windows, a leather steering wheel and central locking all make an appearance. As well as tiny little “HUE 166” tags in the seats. If the Defender 90 is too small for you there’s also a 110 heritage available.
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There’s been far too much cool stuff in this articles. I need something to really tear apart. Thank you then, Lexus for bringing this extremely confusing concept to the show. The Lexus LF-SA. Thank you for making it look like a Toyota IQ that was crushed slightly and then fitting your predator grille on the front. Thank you for thinking that something that looks like this could be a legitimate contender in the premium city car sector. Most important of all, thank you for making use realize that yes, the Aston Martin Cygnet could’ve been worse.
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Speaking of Aston Martin, they really showed off this year. Oh sure, the DBX concept may look completely silly on its gigantic wheels, but if you were to lower it and put it on normal wheels you’d notice it still looks beautiful and it’s unmistakably an Aston Martin without restoring to looking like a DB9 on steroids like all the other ones.
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Sadly (or thankfully because that ride height really kills it) the DBX was overshadowed by its racecar brothers, the new Vantage GT3 and the $2.3 million Vulcan. It makes the Regera look positively plebian in comparison. Whereas they’ll make 80 Regeras, only 24 Vulcans will see the light of day. If you do buy one, you’ll be invited, forced really, to take part on a special one-make series with it.
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And now it’s time for me to pick what I think is the best car in the show. Not an easy task considering all we’ve seen. Except it is actually. The Porsche Cayman GT4. Here’s a Cayman that’s as fast as a 911 GTS, has some 911 GT3 bits thrown in it for good measure and, for an encore, is more than $30,000 cheaper than a 911 GTS. For all we hate the Panamera and the Cayenne for tarnishing the brand’s image. Their sales allow us to have cars like this and it definitely gets the vote from me as the best of Geneva 2015.
Are there any I missed and want me to talk about? Do you disagree with my pick for the best-in-show? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    Doesn’t Volkswagen already make a Golf Variant called the Jetta Sportwagon?

    1. roguetoaster Avatar

      In the US they do, last I checked. If you ask me, it’s the VW to buy.
      They also have a truck of sorts overseas/SA in the Amarok, maybe it can’t tow a large boat, but it can tow something.

      1. Rover 1 Avatar
        Rover 1

        Amaroks can tow boats this size. Is that big enough?
        Of course I’ve towed a boat that size behind my W124 300E

    2. Manic_King Avatar

      Yes, but it’s based on old Golf platform.