Only in Japan…

As seen on Fast and Furious, or a nature documentary? You decide.
…would a Nissan Juke, quite possibly the ugliest affront to the Hellenistic concept of beauty in the classical Greco-Roman tradition since Nu Descendant un Escalier, rock neon-green wheels, yellow headlight covers, and be slammed to within an inch of its life. Luckily, this isn’t real; merely the fevered imaginings of errant pixels spat from an illegal copy of Photoshop 7. But this is the country that gave us bōsōzoku, thought primered Ram Vans were worthy drift machines, and managed to sell 4,000 more of the damn frog-faced pseudo-crossover lumps than Nissan Japan expected. Nothing’s sacred at this point. [Image source: DamnJDM]

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