One-off 1938 Peugeot Competition

Tripoli Grand Prix, held from 1925 until 1940, was held outside the city of Tripoli, in what is today known as Libya. At the time it was an Italian colony in northern Africa and the race was actually set up as a mean to raise tourism to the region. History tells that the Tripoli Grand Prix did not gather the same following as, let’s say Monaco, and it along with the colony itself seized to exist after World War II.


Despite all that, the Mellaha Lake track at over 8 miles long, on which this Citroen [supposedly] raced in 1938, was the fastest in the world at the time. Up until 1939 there were no engine and weight restrictions at the Tripoli Grand Prix and the cars from Mercedes-Benz simply dominated. Even after the last minute rule change to limit the engine size to 1500CCs, which would favor the Italian cars, the Mercedes team still won.

I could not find any specifics on this Peugeot. What I do know is that with its supercharged 2-liter engine, it definitely did not win the race. Whatever its history maybe, it is listed for sale at Hemmings, and is located in San Diego. I was going to call the dealer yesterday but I litereally did not have the time to. If anyone knows more about this vehicle, please say so… I’m looking at you, Scroggs!

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