On The Road With The olelongrooffan: A Stroll Along Highway 31

So, I have shared with my fellow Hoons that this olelongrooffan is up in the northernmost end of the Hoosier State picking up a high end stacker carhauler with my boss. Well, the completion of that trailer has been delayed a couple days so we have a little time to Hoon it around. Today I talked him into backtracking about fifteen miles so this olelongrooffan could take an hour or so to Hoon around a vintage junkyard. Guess what? He agreed.

Now as the passenger in a big assed truck during the entire 1,194 mile trip, I did nothing but look out the windows to see what could be seen. Appalachian Mountains? Check. Corvette Museum? Check. 1930’s something COE? Check. Wait. What? Yeah, just south of our final destination, I spotted the very same at the outer edges of an old salvage yard along highway 31. I promptly filed this away for future reference and today that memory paid off.

The delivery of the trailer we were expecting yesterday has been delayed so after visiting a few trailer factories this morning, this olelongrooffan was able to con convince the boss into dropping me off at that place possessing that COE for an hour or so. He gladly did so and waited in that big ass truck texting like a mad man.

Well, my fellow Hoons, I was as happy as a pig in shit at the trough. Like every junkyard in the Sunshine State this one possessed a ton of 90’s era crap mobiles but there was also tons (literally) of old crap for me to enjoy. Like the late 60’s Mustang and the pair of Impalas this Caprice and Impala also from the late 60’s.

And some type of Blue Oval with a targa style top, although they may have been the T-top so popular in the day.

I also spotted an early 60’s Sedan deVille. It appears that Murilee Martin had beat me to this place as alot of the badging was missing

from these classics so I am guessing Sedan deVille here.  Could it have been a Series 60 though?

And on top of a player to be named later, I spotted this vinyl clad hardtop. What are the chances of this olelongrooffan spotting two vinyl clad Corvette hardtops in one month?

I am confident I would have loved to have seen what occupied this vacant field until just recently. Off in the distance my fellow Hoons may be able to spot the COE that is responsible for this post. No! Don’t enlarge this image, savor it for Hooiverse Truck Thursday.

And the sighting of a version of a car my Mom used to own begs the question. How many of these Chevette/T1000’s can be remaining?

In between a couple of rows of 90’s era crap, this olelongrooffan spotted what is left of this old what I think is a Buick. I was unable to ascertain its origin but a fellow Hoon stole the front half a long time ago. Bet it is a street rod by now.

Do any of my fellow Hoons remember the advertising them song for the Volare? Unfortuately, this olelongrooffan does and now I can’t get it out of my head.

As I was looking at this Pontiac, I thought the plastic nose has stood up quite well on it. I went over and tapped on it and determined it was a steel version of it. I thought all of these of this era had that plastic nose but today I learned yet another lesson in Hoondom that will never earn me one red cent.

And I suspect that by the end of summer those vines once again be in full bloom throughout the interior of this once beautiful Poncho.

And a porthole-less Buick just for fun.

Just over there I spotted this Ford Maverick and had to gather an image of it.

I looked up this roadway toward where the boss was parked and figured I should probably high tail it back to the truck but first

I had to see who won the duel between the Maverick and the ZX. I’m calling it a draw.

On the way out I spotted another face less Mustang as well as

a slightly newer Chevrolet than I had spotted earlier and a

Ford Fairlane next to a, what I thought was unkillable, Panther.

I also gathered up an image of another Caddy, they seem to be all around me these days, on my way out.


I climbed back into the cab of that big ass truck and the boss and I headed out for lunch. But not before spotting a whole damn bunch more of Indiana countryside.

And some of the biggest damn tractors creating huge dust clouds off in the horizon preparing for summer spring planting season.

I got back to the notellmotel and grabbed an image of the swag I scored today and put this together for my fellow Hoons pleasure.

And my fellow Hoons may have noticed a recurring theme with this posting. Yeah, all of the featured manufacturers are still in existence and they are all Amurrican. Stay tuned for what the hell vehicle this is and thanks for Hooning with this olelongrooffan.

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