On St. Patrick's Day, Celebrate Excess!

Here they sit, unloved and with only themselves for company. Oh, and the thirty or forty other cars lying around.
In the fine tradition of St. Patrick’s Day, we here at Hooniverse acknowledge that most people will use it as the traditional excuse to pretend to be Irish and drink themselves into a stupor. Being one of the millions whose family history is actually Irish, I find the whole tradition quite amusing. I have heard the phrase, spoken to a very pretty girl in a very low-cut shirt, “Well of course Abdulla is an Irish name. I come from the south of Ireland. The extreme south. The extreme south-east. Near Egypt. That part of Ireland.” And it is that spirit of excess that we celebrate today.
The badges alone have more power than a Toyota iQ.
Of course, today, this glorious excess is common-place. We are used to cars with astronomical horsepower, insane torque and far too many cylinders. I have spoken the phrase, “I really would like it if my next car had more than 350 horsepower. I’d prefer over 400, but the choices are far fewer there.” Only a few years ago, that would have been a pretty laughable statement. Unless, of course, you subscribed to the old European model of excess. This dealership in Edmonton, it would seem, does just that. With a beautiful assortment of powerful European brutes, it’s hard to ignore the bias towards those of the large-engined, excessively powerful kind. So today, on St. Patrick’s day, while most of you are drinking yourselves into a stupor — and I am home surrounded by sick people — please do so responsibly, and not with the kind of wild excess demonstrated here. Please. Think of the children.

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