1970 Dodge ram custom van for sale It’s widely recognized that forward control vans tie Camaros with T-Tops in their bitchin-ness. At times, the combination of an enclosed interior and smoke work to your advantage, but once those munchies take hold, wouldn’t it be great if you could grill your wings from inside the comfort of your vehicle? Our seller’s decided to help us out this problem…

1970 Dodge ram custom van for sale
Whoa, man…
He’s converted the back of this 1970 Ram Van into a seating area complete with a bbq, mister, park benches, astro-glideturf. It’s powered by a 225 slant six, running through a 3 on-the-tree, just as Jah intended.

1970 Dodge ram custom van for sale 1970 Dodge ram custom van for sale

There’s “$12k invested”, but the bidding starts at $5k over at eBay Motors.

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