Ok Bring A Trailer, You Win – 8 Corvairs, 20 Engines, Hesperia

corvair van for salecorvair hardtop coupe for sale Here at Hooniverse, we work hard to bring you the most absurd, most marriage-ending and homeowners-association-distressing project cars available. We won’t be happy until each and every Sunday night, each and every one of you inundates the tips line with tales from your weekend wrenching exploits. That said, we know we’re not on the only ones encouraging you to make unwise choices with your vehicle purchases. And we fear Bring a Trailer may have beaten us at our own game with this herd of Corvairs. We’ve got one rampside pickup, one van, one wagon, two two-door hardtops, one four-door hardtop, and one 4-door sedan. Short of a convertible, someone’s nearly collected them all! In addition to the cars (which are in various states of disrepair and title complications) you get a big huge collection of parts. BAT typically offers their opinion as to what they’d do with any of the cars they feature, but this time they seem stumped. Let’s see if we can help… for saleThere are a lot of ways one could play this, but here’s what we’d do: take the best drivetrain (that’d be a 140hp turbo + 4-speed) and put it in the ’66 two-door hardtop drive and enjoy. Next up, do the best with what’s left to get the wagon, rampside and van in halfway decent running condition. Sell ’em and use the cash to build up ’66 hardtop. Use the leftover parts and proceeds (ha!) to fund a three car LeMons Corvair squad with the remaining cars. Economies of agony scale will be working in your favor!

You know a collection’s serious business when they’ve got their own flickr account. Here are the cars:

And here are the engines:

See the Craigslist ad here. They’ll be taking the best offer received before February 7th. So far, they’ve already turned down an offer of $5k for everything. Via Bring A Trailer

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