Fab Lab's Off-Road-Lincoln

Off-Road Lincoln is the best Lincoln

I maybe look at too many off-road projects on the Internet. Almost all of them are the same: Land Rovers, Land Cruiser, bro-ed out full-size pickups, and Jeeps, Jeep, Jeeps. Every now and then you find a rig that stands out. This Lincoln Navigator, though, stands apart.

This is probably the most comfortable off-road rig out there. My back would love a chance to ride around off-road in this thing.

@Fab_lab on Instagram has created a lot of amazing builds lately. From their SMART car to maybe the biggest SUV on the planet.

What would be your ultimate off-road rig? Comfort or capability? What would you choose?

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2 responses to “Off-Road Lincoln is the best Lincoln”

  1. William Byrd Avatar

    I love that thing. Would daily.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      I like it too, though I’d probably go for a similarly-modded Expedition instead, just because I don’t really feel comfortable (psychologically, not physically) driving luxury vehicles.