NYIAS – Random Interesting Cars

This is my last batch of pictures from NYIAS. I saved what I think is the best for last, the cars which I find most interesting. Without further ado…

    • Morgan 3 Wheeler: Small, cute, unique and and insane at the same time. Could this be the last batshit nutty creation of the old British car makers? With three wheels and an engine for a front bumper, it was designed by someone who seemingly has no comprehension of physics, aerodynamics or pedestrian safety, all of which makes it so great.  Attention to detail, especially inside, is evident from afar. I want to try it out.
    • Range Rover Classic: Land Rover was celebrating its 25th official year in the United States. To do this they had a great party and an off-road course in SoHo. Unfortunately I missed all that but I did get to see this, which happened to be parked right next to a current Range Rover. It was a U.S. spec car with with cloth seats under the covers. Odometer indicated around 80,000 and it looked to have been recently resprayed in original color. It was not prepared specifically for the show; inside it had a few loose trim pieces, outside the panel gaps were rather large and uneven. To its credit it had no leaks and no rust, even on the rear window. I call it the Wheeler Dealer make over. I’d value it at around $5000.
    • The company that bought out DMC was there with two cars; a concours all-original with 500 miles and an electric one. They said that you can get into a very decent DeLorean for around $40,000 and the electric one for about $90,000. They offer upgrades to the factory engine (cams, pistons, supercharger) as well as suspension and brakes. 
    • I have an unexplainable lust for certain Toyota trucks and the FJ is no exception. This red one was loaded with TRD goodies. I guessing that red is the new white for 2012? I have a feeling that the FJ Cruisers will become much sought after years from now, sort of like old Land Cruisers are now, so go get yours while you can.
    • Mercedes G550: Take everything I loved about the Range Rover I recently reviewed and multiply by two. If you want to give the society the finger, drive that. I’ll take mine with mud-terrains and upgraded off-road worthy suspension.
    • Ford Raptor: If you want a very good truck, go buy the similarly priced F-250 HD. If you want an awesome truck, buy this. It’s big… wish there was a Tacoma just like this.
    • Mercedes SL65: I don’t really like convertibles,  but I love roadsters. The SL, like all roadsters, was designed to be a convertible from the get go. Add to that a folding roof which transforms it into a coupe, and you’re winning. I had the opportunity to drive the last gen SL63 and I loved it. The engine noise alone is worth $100,000. It’s a super comfortable GT car, probably the best in business. I’ll take my SL63 in classic silver please.

I hope you enjoyed our NYIAS coverage. While I was there only for a day, I had a blast hanging out with Jeff and Jim… and partying afterwards with Blake. We did not attend a single press conference and did not read a single press release… and I hope that shows. 

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